Original Cactus Scratcher


Original Cactus Scratcher

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Our Original Cactus Scratcher is a trail blazer in back-scratching.

We pushed our concept and design in a new direction from others on the
market. After many revisions and prototypes, using a second hand/handle
allowed the best range of motion and reach. The idea of mimicking a
person drying off their back with a towel was the key point. This motion
allowed the user to get everywhere, even putting less stress on joints and
shoulders as it can be controlled from the front of the body. Features that
set us apart:

-Two handed for greater pressure and reachability
-44 inch total reach to accommodate all body types and sizes
-2 inch ball handles for greater gripping and control
-Made of durable ABS plastic
-Two different levels of spikes, aggressive and mild
-Can feel through multiple layers or on bare skin
-4 x 5 inch scratching pad
-54 spikes per side for best surface to body contact
-Strong 1 inch wide vinyl straps that wrap around curves and won’t
snag on clothes
-Easily compacts for travel and storage
-They come in a variety of bright colors

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