Cactus Scratcher on a Stick


Cactus Scratcher on a Stick

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The Cactus Scratcher on a Stick is a one-handed, extendable back scratcher. Our 'Stick' scratcher has our unique dual-sided feature to allow users to decide what they like, an aggressive or mild scratcher. Each side has 16 spikes which allows for better scratcher. This version is also ideal for times when a single hand is needed or you need to get under layers of clothing.

ONE-HANDED easy to use back scratcher. Use it over, between or
under multiple layers of clothes or on bare skin. Control and vary to your
desired pressure. Use light pressure for a soft ‘tickle’ or super aggressive
for a deep scratch or anything in between. Comes in 8 different colors
COMPACT 8.5 inch length for easy storage and portability and
extends to 25 total inches so you can reach far and wide. Use on backs,
bodies, necks, heads, legs, arms, bellies and beards or any other part of
your body. Take it with you anywhere. Travel, Office, School, Car, Purse,
Backpack and even on vacation. Can be taken through airport security and
is great for long flights. Also perfect for cats, dogs and other furry pets
DURABLE 201 stainless steel extension pole with 5 extendable
sections, ABS plastic scratching head and a soft PVC grip handle
VARIOUS spikes on two different sides. 1/2 inch long spikes for a
more aggressive scratch or rounder 1/4 inch spikes for a lighter
scratch or massage or for stimulating nerve endings. Large 2 inch by
2.5 inch scratching head and 16 spikes per side
MEDICAL reviews by users say it assists with skin conditions, allergic
reactions to medication, dry skin, sunburns, neuropathy,
chemotherapy, surgeries, pregnancy, arthritis, psoriasis and limited
mobility. Also perfect for compulsive itching

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